Growing up in India, art was my reward for good grades. I aced school to keep my privilege of painting. For my recreation, I copied paintings of Norman Rockwell, Sargent and reputed Indian artists that were published in magazines. I immigrated to the United States, graduated and worked in Molecular Biology and painted part time. I gradually shifted into Software Management and painted part time. I moved to Corning, joined as a Software Engineer and painted part time with Thomas Buechner’s Friday evening Portrait Painting Pals group. Do you see a pattern here? Well, I didn’t, till one day, I was referencing my rather extensive home library for help with a problem at work. As I scored through rows and rows of art books it struck to me that maybe, just maybe, my calling was to be an artist. Practical by nature, I dismissed my new found revelation as a whim. However, the emotional war between the joy of my painting and the lucrative finances and social status that my successful job provided had started. I decided to paint one small painting a day for a couple of months and was sure I would get bored of it. Three months of 18 hour work days still left me wanting to paint. I caved in and took a "temporary break" from the corporate world which became a "permanent" studio and gallery in downtown Elmira, NY.

Art to me is as essential as breathing. Color, texture and play of light excite me. Largely self-taught, I supplement my strong work ethics with regular doses of workshops from artists whose work I respect.  Through my art, I explore various aspects of human identity and connectivity, seeking to create a dialogue between the mindful and autopilot modes of living.


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Satyavani Pippalla. Akula
215 West Water Street,
Elmira, NY 14901

Summary of Experience:
Professional artist since 2005. Ten years of experience in IT and three years as a molecular biologist cloning the human genome before 2005.   Kuchipudi (Indian Classical) dancer and teacher. Owner of Satyavani Studios and Gallery, Elmira, NY.
Teach Workshops in Alla Prima (painting from life in one sitting), Plein Air landscapes, Portrait painting and Sketching.  Portrait and painting Commissions in oil (2009-Current).

Exhibitions, Performances and Teaching:

June 2023
May 2020- 23
November 2022
May 2021
April 2020
Feb 2020
Summer 2018    
Sept 2017
Summer 2017
Summer 2017
Spring 2017
Winter 2016
Fall 2016
Spring 2016
Summer 2015
Winter 2014
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Fall 2012
2010 – 2013
2012 -2014
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Summer 2009
Winter 2008
Fall, 2008
Nov 2008
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Fall 2005

Parampara: An Afternoon of Indian Classical(Kuchipudi) and Folk dances
Online Art Classes
Mosiac Exhibition, 171 Cedar Arts, Corning NY
Everhart Museum Online event: Reflections of Home, The Immigrant Experiences of Women Artists.
NAWA (National Association of Women) live-streamed artist
Glimpses of Kuchipudi dance, Satyavani Studio and Arts Council
Schuyler County Performance Series and Dance workshop, Arts Council, NY
Solo Exhibit: An artist explores consciousness, 171 Cedar Arts, Corning, NY
Invited local artist for Elmira Street Painting festival, NY
Juried artist for 171 Cedar Arts Mosaic Show, Corning, NY
Guest Artist for Juneteenth festivals in Elmira, NY
Vesta: A group exhibit at Gmeiner Art and Cultural Center, PA
Solo Exhibit: Between Fear and  Freedom (Experimental portraits), Pryzgoda Gallery, NY
Invited instructor for Alla Prima Painting Workshop, Elmira College, NY
Art of Corning's Architecture, West End Gallery, Corning, NY
Invited Instructor for Alla Prima Painting workshops, Mansfield University,PA
Exhibit: Portraits of Southern Tier, Pryzgoda Gallery, Elmira, NY
Invited artist speaker, Corning Community Workshop, Corning, NY
Solo Exhibit, Aakara/Shapes, Tioga Arts Council, PA
Arnot Art Museum Biennial Art Show , Elmira, NY
Gathering of Dancers, Folk and Indian Classical Instructor, PA
Alla Prima Instructor, Franklin Street Gallery, Watkins Glen, NY
Guest Artist Juneteenth festivals in Elmira, NY
Indian dance workshop, Corning Museum of Glass: Families explore India, Corning, NY
Solo Exhibit: A painting a day (100 paintings), Arts Council of Finger Lakes, Corning, NY
Cultural Blueprint Conference, Folk Dance Instructor
Guest instructor for Arts workshop, Mansfield University, PA
Guest artist for Juneteenth festival, Elmira, NY
Live Performance artist (Kuchipudi dance)  for 171 Cedar arts  
Silk Painting Instructor, 171 Cedar Arts, Corning, N



Fine Art Connoisseur International Magazine, Published Juried painting
Southern Tier Biennial, Juried Artist
People’s Choice, West End Gallery  
Corning Southside Architecture Award
Palette People’s Choice Award, Arnot Art Museum
Palette Awards 2nd prize, Arnot Art Museum
Southern Tier Biennial, Juried artist
Bold Brush Painting Competition, Fav 15, October
Best in Show, Elmira Street
Third Prize, Elmira Street Painting Festival 

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