Multi disciplinary art Portfolio

Ode to Chemung:  is a letter by Chemung river to her children.  

"Dear child,
for years I, Chemung, have sustained you like a mother nourishes her child. Yet, you remember me for that one angry day of Agnes. Today, I reach out to you with all my love—rest in my heart, meditate in my lap, or simply walk with me.
Yours truly,
Mother Chemung."

This film draws parallels between the treatment of the river by Elmirans after the 1972 Agnes flood and  metaphorically delves into the overlooked nuances of the mother-daughter relationship.  What are the facts and what are the stories we remember.

Portrait of an artist:
This film is currently under development, spotlighting Karen Vogler, a glass artist featured in Satyavani's exhibition exploring the theme of fears and freedom. What makes this artist particularly intriguing is that, despite not identifying herself as a poet or an artist, the portrait painting session inspired her to write poetry. Years after this initial experience, Satyavani revisited Karen to create a film delving into her journey, addressing the profound impact of fears and freedom in the aftermath of the pandemic.