Artist Explores Consciousness

An Artist Explores Consciousness is a pivotal body of work where Satyavani explores, "...the idea of all beings being one true consciousness, with the mind being the obstacle to this realization."  
"For a decade I have been exploring the idea of all beings being one supreme consciousness. However, I struggled to express it in art. That changed when my father, a writer passed away. I now woke up with poems in my head. These formed the basis to express my journey visually as paintings and sculptures."  

A sampling of images from the exhibit which comprised of different sections (Spirituality, Mind and Thoughts, Five Elements) are shown below.  

Roots and Wings (on left):
Dear Child, I pray that I have the courage to give you wings as strong as roots!  

Cocooned (on right), encaustic, paper and wood:
 Sad, dejected and angry I fought and fought with life.  Then ‘AHA’ it dawned on me I’m cocooned. ‘cause I’m destined to be a butterfly. 

Balance (Poem and Sculpture):
A common conflict among parents predominantly women across cultures, between their family and children and their professional choices.  Frequently balanced with guilt.

Sruti : Black and white drawings help artists view value better without the color of drama.  
Much like removing the drama of beliefs helps us understand thoughts better.

Five Elements (Water, Earth, Space, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Space):  Would we take better care if we see ourselves as earth?  
Mixed media painting, 16 x 20,   shows painting with model Rachel who views the earth as a gentle nurturing place.   The bounty of precious metals, floor and mehendi patterns of India, and flowers and animals woven into a portrait.

Spirituality From Left to Right:
Kali with lilies:  (goddess of female power, protector against evil with lilies, the symbol of feminity), 24 x 36, oil
Bliss:  (Buddha with flowers that represent the world of desires he denounced), 36 x 48, oil
Ganesha: ( the elephant headed god and remover of obstacles), 18 x 24, oil

Hinduism is an inclusive, complex, fluid, confluence of religion and spirituality.  A philosophy of leading life but with a myriad pantheon of god and goddesses and prayer rituals. To add to that I love Buddha and his philosophy and teachings too!   

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