Between Fear and Freedom

Fear and freedom, omnipresent emotions, wield the power to define us. Through the medium of portraiture, Satyavani embarked on a compelling journey to delve into these emotions, unraveling myriad stories within our community. Each participant's portrait was a collaborative venture, with Satyavani capturing their essence while attentively listening to tales of fear and the nuanced meanings of freedom during the hour-long sessions.

For this project Satyavani choose to go beyond her customary realm of classical oil portraiture, choosing a medium that could aptly convey their stories. The shift demanded her to grasp new artistic mediums, in a limited time thus  making herself vulnerable to judgment in the pursuit of authenticity.

Casey 18" x 24", acrylic on canvas:

Budding writer, freshman in college who fears the whole process of becoming a writer.
Portrait was done in black and white and shades of grey with his poem woven in.  

Zebb 16" x 20" watercolor:

Strangers create anxiety and he  loves trains and birds.‚Äč

Lee, 18" x 24" oil: 

Athletic, fears losing control of his body due to aging


Rose: beautiful but beware!

Terry, 18" x 24", Photoshop 

A veteran's silent battle with PTSD 

Tyler, 18" x 24"

Reflections on a glorious heritage

Christy, 18" x 24"

The paradox of a reclusive child, and gregarious vice president